Hurricane Harvey Hawk Seeks Shelter In A Houston Taxicab. Driver Will Help Out But May Not Get Tip

William Bruso is a taxicab driver from Houston, Texas. When Hurricane Harvey approached, the man went shopping to buy some supplies. When he returned to his car, he discovered a strange passenger in it. That was a Cooper hawk! The bird stared at the driver and did not move. It was frightened but it was not afraid of that man. It also did not want to leave the vehicle as if it felt quite comfortable in it! It’s hard to explain what bird has expected. Probably, it wanted to have a ride? However, the birdie is not that harmless. It is worth mentioning that it preys on smaller birds and mammals such as squirrels. Taxi-driver connected strange behavior of the bird with approaching hurricane. Animals always feel when something goes wrong and try to find shelter.

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