This Kitten Thinks She’s A Ferret After Being Adopted By 5 Ferrets

Meet Komari. She was an abandoned kitten, but then a pack of ferrets adopted her. With their love and care, Komari’s health improved quickly, and she is now a fine cat. But wait. Is she really a cat, though? After being raised by ferrets, Komari seems to identify herself as one of them. Being the only girl with the pack of five male ferrets, Komari is sure to be loved and protected all the time. Scroll down for adorable pictures of the strange family.

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Komari was found when she was 5 months old.

She was adopted by a family that already owns 5 ferrets.

She loves them so much.

She thinks of herself as a ferret too.

They get along just fine.



They are snuggle buddies.

Such a happy family!


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