Alcoholism: recipes for natural fruit-based treatments to overcome addiction

Alcoholism arises without much explanation: it can originate slowly without the patient even noticing, even between childhood and adolescence. It turns out that this cause is what causes the uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages, making the person does not realize when it exceeds their limoites and loses the perception of the exaggeration in consumption, making it become an addiction and part of your daily routine. This problem can hit men and women and has harmful effects on physical and mental health, causing human dependence.

Variant from person to person, this addiction can cause various ailments such as:

Let the patient and everyone around him face the routine vexations;
Diseases such as cirrhosis and stroke;
Difficulties of memorizing;
Feeling of not remembering previous actions;
Constant forgetfulness;
Need to drink more and more;
Need to lie to sustain addiction;
Loss of sense.

Treatment for alcoholism occurs in a variety of ways, but it is best if each person checks their limit and seeks help, either through groups and support or a physician who can prescribe medications that will contribute to the end of this addiction.

Here are some tips and natural recipes that can help ease anxiety, a common symptom in those who try to quit an addiction, such as alcoholism:

Melon-de-são-caetano: Mix three tablespoons of sane caetano melon juice and a glass of milk. This mixture, if ingested once a day for a month will promote alcoholic detoxification;
Grapes: ingesting enough grapes promotes relief for alcohol addicts, easing abstinence since there is a connection of the fruit with a more pure form of alcohol.
Dates: Preoare a drink with dates to be ingested during the period of one month and twice a day. Just knead five fruits into half a glass of water;
Apples: are fruits with detoxifying function and that helps in the rapid recovery of the body.

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