Check out 13 natural tips that contribute to fighting anuria: problem related to urine reduction

Anuria is the reduction of urine in periods of at least 24 hours. It is considered a disease and can be a result of dehydration, kidney problems, yellow fever, prostatitis or nephritis. It may also be a post-operative consequence due to physiological changes. What happens is that substances not eliminated in the urine can harm the kidneys and form stones, which causes the patient to stop consuming canned foods, cooking salt and other foods that counteract inflammation of the organs of the urinary system.

Anuria is divided into three levels of pathology:

Pre-renal: when there is poor irrigation, due to bleeding, diarrhea and dehydration.
Renal: when kidney damage occurs and conditions in the kidneys.
Renal post: when urinary flow obstruction occurs, due to kidney stones or tumor.
In addition to the conventional treatment of medicine, anuria can be treated by natural alternatives that complement the correct medications. However, one must be sure of the diagnosis to know exactly the level of the disease.

We list some natural treatment tips to use against this evil. Check out:

Drink eggplant juice twice a day;
Consume pumpkin puree seasoned with olive oil;
In half an hour before lunch, drink a glass of beet juice, cucumber and spinach;
Prepare a tea of ​​leaves and parsley roots and consume four cups a day.
Take four times a day tea from avocado leaves;
Drinking lemon juice four times a day without added sugar also contributes to the fight against anuria;
Make meals with melon, grape and watermelon for at least four times a week;
Prepare and drink tea from alfavaca leaves, in a quantity of four cups per day;
Another tea that fights in the fight against anuria, and that of lemon grass, which must be consumed four times a day.
Prepare a rock-breaker tea and also consume four times a day;
Tea with nettle leaves is also capable of improving the symptoms of anpuria. Drink four cups daily;
To relieve the kidney pain resulting from the disease, one can make compresses with clay and apply them to the kidney area.
Eucalyptus and warm water baths also help to ease the pain.


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