Photo Of Burning Baby Elephant And Mother Fleeing Mob Goes Viral Along With The Story Behind It

This picture, entitled “Hell is here” made in Eastern India. It is depicted as an adult elephant and young elephant escape from the crowds of people who throw animals in burning resinous balls. Frame won the main prize in the Asian competition wildlife Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2017. The representative of the Fund, handed over the award to the photographer, says that such a mockery of elephants is not uncommon, not only in West Bengal, where you took the picture, but in the other States – Assam, Punjab, Gujarat and others.

Ostensibly so people drive away elephants from human settlements. This conflict grows with each passing day. People cut down forests, pave new roads and pipelines, are increasingly displacing elephants from their habitats. India is home to about 30,000 Asian elephants, 70% of the world population. According to the latest official figures, about 800 individuals – in West Bengal.

Kristi Williams, a representative of the world wildlife Fund in Myanmar, said that people and elephants to co-exist is especially difficult: “the huge Elephants, the largest mammals on earth, they have huge home ranges, about 800 square kilometers. Such an extensive and pristine forests are increasingly rare”. “In the end, humans always win, regardless of the species, no matter how strong it was”.

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