Raggiana Bird of Paradise or Count Raggi’s Bird of Paradise


It is 34cm-long, maroon-brown with greyish-blue bill, yellow iris and greyish-brown feet.

The male has a yellow crown, dark emerald-green throat and yellow collar between the throat and its blackish upper breast feathers. It is adorned with a pair of long black tail wires and large flank plumes.

The female is a comparatively drab maroonish-brown-colored bird.

The ornamental flank plumes vary from red to orange in color, depending on subspecies.

  • The nominate subspecies, P. r. raggiana has the deepest red plumes, while
  • subspecies P. r. augustavictoriae also known as the Empress of Germany’s Bird of Paradise of northeast New Guinea has apricot-orange plumes
  • Image result for raggiana bird of paradise (paradisaea raggiana) femaleBreedingThe breeding system of the Raggiana Bird of Paradise is polygamy. Males congregate in leks (a display arena for visiting females). Leks can be 30-100 meters in diameter. Within the lek there is a group of tall slender trees, competition for prominent perches and these are defended by the males from rivals. On these perches males do a display which involves clapping wings and shaking head. The female usually lays up to two pinkish buff eggs.

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