Ulcer: better understand the disease that presents symptoms that may confuse the patient.

The ulcer is a wound that occurs in the stomach or duodenum. Both cases result in severe complications and pain if not treated correctly. This disease is related to a stomach imbalance. By having some common symptoms, it can go unnoticed and be diagnosed when already in a serious condition, being able to subject the patient to surgeries and the risk until death.

The purpose of this article is to relate the symptoms to alert the risk of ulcer and to make aware of whoever feels any of them, get medical help as soon as possible so as not to suffer the consequences.

Abdominal pain: they appear as burning waves or sensations of “rage”. They are intense and take a few minutes to disappear. It is riskier to arise when the patient is fasting for many hours.

Indigestion: If you notice excesses, burping, gas and the feeling that you have not had regular digestion, even after each meal, stay alert. It may be an ulcer.

Nausea: The imbalance that the ulcer causes in the digestive juices results in nausea. They usually appear in the morning, with the patient still fasting.

Heavy abdomen: Feeling as if you ingest excess water.

Influenza symptoms: malaise, fatigue, fever that are common symptoms of influenza, also appear in cases of ulcer. So do not be convinced it could be just the flu.

Loss of appetite: Due to the pain, the patient develops a certain fear of eating or losing his appetite or choose not to feed himself properly.

Sudden weight loss: this occurs because of the absence of hunger and due to vomiting occurring after meals.

Feeling hungry out of time: some patients are suddenly hungry, even after a full meal.

Stool color and texture: When the patient has an ulcer, their stools appear darker, pastey, or sometimes similar in color to flour. Blood may also appear in more advanced cases.

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