Women starts petting fuzzy rescue Lynx cat, but then he realizes it and responds back to her act of love

The huge cat weighs more than 12 pounds in the summer and more in winter, and its length is approximately six feet. The mustachioed owner made him his own Instagram, where he regularly shares shots of impressive size of your pet, and also tells how much a cat eats in a day – 6 cans, and it turned out to be, not the limit.

This mysterious breed of cats, the origin story of which is covered with many tall tales and legends. According to one legend, the Maine Coon cat is an animal from crossing a female raccoon and cat. In confirmation of this theory are the external features of the cat – namely, the tail, the color of which is very similar to the raccoon.

According to the second legend, kittens Maine Coon was the result of crossing the North American lynx with an ordinary cat. Confirmation of this theory are the tassels on the ears of cats of this breed, which is believed to have got them from the lynx-mother.

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